10-Layer Explosion Box

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Blast someone day with this Explosion box. An Explosion box is always great to gift someone and here it is with 10 layers and you just can stop unboxing it. Don’t wait, Order now and be the reason for someone’s smile.

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Pull Out Photo Card having a string of all your memories.

  1. Surprise someone special with your memories.
  2. You can customize it in your own way by telling us on WhatsApp.
  3. Pics Required: 40
  4. Time For Making: 5 days
  5. Delivery Charges: Free
  6. Delivery Time: 7-10 days (For Quick Orders, Please do WhatsApp us on 7303737950)
  7. For pics: email on or whatsapp@7303737950
  8. Note: The layout/tricks will be the same but the color and decoration may vary according to customization.

NOTE: This product will be created on your order with your customization. It is neither replaceable nor refundable. We value your trust and try to make it as per your expectation.


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